Thursday, July 10, 2014

CTF - SkyTower 1

During the ITWeb Security Summit 2014 and BSides Cape Town 2014 we decided to host a CTF competition whereby the winner could win a pebble watch if they grabbed the correct flag.

It was a popular challenge during the conferences with many groups of people collaborating to try solve the CTF. At the end of the ITWeb Security Summit we had no winners of the CTF and we therefore rolled it over to BSides in Cape Town. We were lucky enough to have a winner of the CTF in Cape Town (Todor). 

We were then asked to upload it to VulnHub, so that attendees could look at it at a later date and gain something from the CTF long term.

Therefore we have released SkyTower 1, you can download it and give it a try at:,96/

If you need some assistance or help getting through the CTF, there are multiple walkthroughs available by the community already - they are in great detail and we are grateful that everyone is enjoying the challenge and interacting with one another to solve problems.

Please enjoy the CTF and happy hacking!

You can view walkthroughs by various people at:

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