Saturday, August 2, 2014

Telspace Systems will be speaking at PasswordsCon 14 in Las Vegas, USA

This year, Telspace Systems will be speaking at PasswordsCon 14 in Las Vegas, USA.

PasswordsCon is a place where people from all backgrounds including researchers, specialists, password crackers and security experts gather to discuss and learn about all things Password related. A simple term; “Password” carries a very large impact to humans in today’s world. We use a password to access a wide variety of systems, communication, documents, email and more. With so much advancement in technology and user education one would think that the humble “Password” is now a perfected art amongst people. However it is not as can be seen repeatedly by the breaches occurring throughout the world. When password crackers obtain the plain text to the hashed passwords leaked from websites, it becomes apparent that passwords like “12345”, “Password”, “Password123” and others like it are still very much in use. Raising the questions; Why is it like that? How can we get more secure passwords? Why do people choose insecure passwords? 

Telspace Systems’s talk at PasswordsCon will answer those questions in the context of one of the most critical areas of impact – The Enterprise. How do large corporates ensure their passwords are secure? How do they ensure their staff choose strong passwords? What about SOA Architecture and Cloud Computing? A large enterprise and corporate IT environment is not only critical but highly complex. We will show you what challenges are faced, how to overcome them and how some companies have both succeeded and failed to do so. We will additionally also cover technical aspects such as what algorithms should corporates use for their systems, and why choosing certain ones can be highly secure but also a pitfall of note. 

The presentation outline is as follows:

1. Introduction to Presentation, Speaker BIO and Purpose of the
2. Why is an Enterprise an entirely different scenario to other
entities that use Passwords? 
3. Top 5 points of failure - Where do Enterprises make the biggest
mistakes with their Password usage? 
4. SOA (Server Oriented Architecture) - When good ideas get bad
passwords. Discussion into why and what happens? 
5. Server Administrators in the Enterprise - Friend or Foe? 
6. Doing it the right way - Simple points to make Passwords in your
Enterprise a positive security aspect. Is your password policy
7. Q&A & Concluding Comments. 

Don’t miss this talk on a critical aspect of your company’s security. Presented by our in-house password specialist Dimitri Fousekis. Stick around for the Q&A to ask your questions to both Dimitri and other industry password experts. Additionally look out for us at the Vegas 2.0 gathering where you will have more time to engage in high-level, technical and specific information about passwords and security. 

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