Thursday, January 16, 2020

Boot Camp: 2020

Telspace has kicked off 2020 with a fresh intake of interns into our Boot Camp program. After approximately 100 grueling interviews, eight candidates were selected and invited to attend the Boot Camp. Congratulations to all that made it!

They are already knee-deep in the program, having submitted research proposals, completed assignments and braved their way through two simulated (CTF style) assessments!

We asked them for some feedback on their experience so far:

It's grueling, and I honestly don't know where my socks are when I wake up in the mornings anymore, but I'm loving every second of it - Rico

I think a bootcamp is a life changing experience, it's like a pressure cooker but in a good way. So here I am to get my hack on - Lorthar

I’m hooked on hacking, I love the community and culture in this industry. I’m grateful to be where I am now and very excited about my future, although I would definitly and obviously prefer Telspace above any other option as everything about it just fits perfectly - like its too good to be true! - Arno

Loving the Bootcamp so far, is like my second home – Thaba

I am super grateful to be at Telspace because Information Security is my passion - Edison

Being part of the internship is interesting because I get to improve on the knowledge I have while I could test my technical capabilities by exploiting system vulnerabilities - Thabiso

Cyber security plays an important part in our day to day life – Mothusi

For those interested in entering the industry, we will be hosting more boot camps in the future. If you would like to partake please get in touch with us! 

In order to prepare yourself, the interview process covers some of the following topics: Networking, Linux, Windows, Cryptography, general information security knowledge, as well as Software Development and Exploitation. We are certain that our Boot Camp surpasses the industry “standard” thanks to the following:

• Our interns don’t have any monetary restraint attached to them, as they are paid a monthly salary whilst undertaking the training with us. Additionally, there are no restraints where the interns will have to pay back money if they do not end up working for Telspace at the end of the Boot Camp. Having an approach other than this would not benefit our newcomers to the industry, nor the community at large.

• If interns are uncertain that they are a good fit for the industry or at Telspace Systems during the boot camp, then they are free to leave at any time, taking what they have learnt with them, including any certifications (and we are more than happy with that!).

• Should our interns pass the strict criteria at the end of the boot camp, via different assessment gateways (including a research component and simulated penetration tests in various environments), then they will be offered a 6 month contract as a junior analyst with Telspace Systems (which they are not obliged to accept). If they do accept the offer, then further certifications and training will be provided by Telspace.

• This boot camp is about growing the information security community, and thereafter, our company; in order to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Telspace wishes each new intern the very best of luck; we are eager to see the wonderful research you complete as well as the many shells you will be popping!