Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Telspace Systems Internship/Boot camp, March 2019

We are excited and proud to announce that our boot camp / internship kicked off yesterday!  

After approximately 100 thorough interviews, which covered a number of areas, we have secured 10 new interns. The areas we covered during the interview stage, to name a few were: 

Networking, Linux, Windows, Software Development and Exploitation, Cryptography and general information security knowledge.  

From a statistics perspective, the weakest area identified was cryptography (a future post on interview statistics is planned!)

We believe our internship / boot camp surpasses the industry “norm” due to the following reasons:

  • Our internships don’t have any monetary restraint attached to them and interns will be paid a monthly salary whilst they are undertaking the training with us, also, there are no restraints where the interns will have to pay back money if they don’t work for Telspace for a period of time. Doing anything else but this would only benefit the company itself, rather than the community. 
  • If interns don’t feel they are a match at Telspace Systems during the boot camp, they are free to go, taking with them the knowledge that we passed on to them as well as any certifications (and we are more than happy with that!).
  • Should our interns pass the assessment criteria at the end of the boot camp, via different assessment gateways (including a research gateway), they will be offered a full-time junior analyst position at Telspace Systems (which they don’t have to take!), with this offer there will be additional training / certifications provided.
  • This boot camp is about growing the community, and thereafter, our company in order to service our customers better in the future.  

We will be hosting a few more boot camp throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in taking part in one!

Good luck to all our new interns, we hope to see many shells and calcs being popped!