Monday, May 18, 2009

About time!

First off, apologies for not updating the blog in a while. Things have been rather hectic here :)

Dino Covotsos and Daniella Kafouris recently presented at Crawford college. They presented on various social networking issues. The talk was aimed at making parents more aware as to what threats their children are faced with when using social networks. From Mxit to Facebook. The presentation was well received by Crawford college. Telspace Systems will also be presenting on Clickjacking at the Security Summit 2009 on day 2, so if you are going to the summit try catch our talk.

On the security side, quite a few exploits have been released this month, the more dangerous ones being 'Linux Kernel 2.6.x ptrace_attach Local Privilege Escalation Exploit' and 'Microsoft IIS 6.0 WebDAV Remote Authentication Bypass Vulnerability' so please apply the relevant patches and updates as soon as possible.

Till the next post be safe and take care.