Monday, April 16, 2012

TakeDownCon Dallas & ITWeb Security Summit

ITWeb Security Summit 2012 - JHB, South Africa

Telspace Systems will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the ITWeb Security Summit 2012 during May 2012. We invite you to come meet us at our stand, catch up with us and discuss information security trends. The 7th annual ITWeb Security Summit brings together key industry experts in IT security and related industries who will focus on the issue of trust, and the need to re-assess the standard approaches to IT security. More information can be found at .

TakeDownCon - Dallas, USA

After a successful 2011 training session(including training up the Canadian Defence Force), Telspace Systems will be presenting training again at TakeDownCon - Dallas, USA during May 2012. The TakeDownCon security conference is a place to take the technical aspect of infosec conversations and bring them to the forefront in a highly technical forum that allows you to participate in and experience training and presentations that will hit home with issues that you will face in your every day life as an IT Security Professional.  More information can be found at .

TakeDownCon Dallas will highlight the many ways your critical infrastructure can be compromised; how your security systems are being breached and what methods are being deployed to hijack or steal your assets!