Monday, March 29, 2010

Telspace sponsors beauty and the beasts

Bet you’re thinking... wtf? Well, good, coz we need your full attention. Telspace is doing something a little different in terms of ‘giving back’ this year, and you can help us, so listen up...

Animals have always been close to my heart and I’ve been looking for a while now for worthwhile project where I can feel we are truly making a difference in some of their lives.

Nadia van der Merwe, one of FHM’s shortlisted 100 Sexiest Women, is running a campaign for animal charity and came to us as a sponsor. Well, how we could refuse?

She’s calling it Nadia VDM’s Proudly South African 100 Sexiest Campaign. The way it works is the more votes she gets, the more money that will be donated to charity – Lory Park Zoo, in this case.

Last year, Nadia was voted 16 out of the 100 sexiest women in the world. This year, for every position she climbs in that ranking, Telspace System will donate R1000 to the zoo.

So how did this campaign come about? According to Nadia she wanted something more ‘proudly South African’ to represent her FHM photoshoot this year, especially with all the current focus on the World Cup. After targeting the Big 5 as her theme, Nadia did her ‘shoot incorporating the animals.

So guys, please – go to the FHM website( and vote for Nadia van der Merwe. If helping out animals is not your thing, its worth it just to go see some of her incredible photos online.


Telspace Systems has sponsored a party for Nadia van der Merwe at Latinova in Rosebank, JHB this coming Saturday evening. This includes a fashion show with Nadia - Sporting our leet Telspace Systems gear. Be there!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

See you at HITBSecConf2010!

We’re excited to not only be presenting, but training at this year’s Hack in the Box conference, which takes place in Dubai from 19-22 April. Our talk will be focused on next generation botnets, and what kind of power they give to botmasters. Furthermore, we’ll be demonstrating how DNS is used to evade CNC control take down, and explore the recent iPhone botnet and the malicious worms that followed its discovery.

We will also be doing our popular Wireless & Bluetooth Hacking 101 course, which most of you have probably already heard of. It will be Telspace security analyst Andries Burger’s virgin trip to Hack in the Box – and his first time helping us with the training. We are all pretty eager to see how he takes it all...

If you can’t make it out to Dubai this year, don’t be too bleak – we’re going to be doing some cool things right here in sunny SA in April as well.

First off, we’ll be presenting our feedback talk at the Information Security Group of Africa’s HITB feedback session at the end of April.

And for those of you who have not yet been to one of our Wireless & Bluetooth Hacking 101 courses, you’ll have a chance to on 11-12 April when we will be offering training in Sandton.

Thank you all again for your continued support – it is your interest that allows us to participate in high-profile events such as Hack in the Box in the first place. Hope to see you all there!