Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We are hiring! Again!

Telspace Systems is expanding rapidly and looking to hire an additional security analyst in South Africa, preferably Gauteng as the office is based in JHB. The analyst should be competent in a combination of the following skills:

- Web application security,
- Attack and penetration testing,
- Network security,
- Source code reviews,
- Mobile security.

Along with these penetration tests and security assessments, you'll be conducting regular security audits from both a logical/theoretical standpoint and a technical/hands-on standpoint.

If you are interested applying, email us your cv(admin[at]telspace.co.za) or get in touch via www.telspace.co.za ! 

Tasks include:

· Performing application penetration testing and application source code review against software applications

· Conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on Internet-facing and internal client systems
· Exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities and discover logic flaws.
· Document technical issues identified during security assessments.
· Assist with building recommendations for hardening, and maintaining systems used for penetration testing
· Research cutting edge security topics and new attack vectors

Desired Skills & Experience:

· At least 1-2 years experience as a security analyst or relevant experience as a penetration tester.
- Bsc, Bcom or B degree, preferably MSC.
· Good technical, analytical, interpersonal, communication and writing skills.
· Good understanding of attack and defence techniques
· Excellent self management skills
· Ability to work both independently and as team lead on individual assessments.
- Additional information security certifications beneficial (CREST/CISSP/ETC).

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