Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello world!

Hi, my name is Gustavo and I have joined the Telspace Systems crew as a senior security analyst at the beginning of May.

Now you should probably be asking yourself.. Who the hell is Gustavo? Who cares about him anyway =]

Well, one of my first activities here at Telspace requires me to write a blog post introducing myself. I am definitely not good with blog words, but I will try to make things painless and quick for everyone who is interested.

I am from Brazil... hope this fact waivers a presentation about being a soccer fanatic (in a good way) and my expectations regarding 2010 world cup hehe. As i was saying, I am directly involved in computer security for 10 years now. I have spent the last 4 years working for a market-leading security company here in Brazil performing penetration tests and security assessments for brazilian government and other high profile customers. Furthermore, I am very happy to have joined the Telspace crew and I am very excited about my work here. I will also be in charge of heading up expansion in Brazil, adding to all of Telspace Systems Brazilian clients.

Feel free to contact me to share and discuss computer related stuff, or just to chat about any subject of mutual interest =]

By the way, my new, fancy mail is: gustavo *DO_NOT_SPAM_ME* telspace dot co dot za

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Gustavo...

It was great to catch up with many friends and collegues at this years ITWeb Security Summit in Johannesburg. As one of the sponsors of the Security Summit, I trust that you enjoyed the 2 day conference and gained some value out of it. I look forward to some of your feedback and comments regarding it.

Telspace Systems has had some busy and exciting months this year. Our Web Application Assessment and Attack and Penetration testing side has grown in leaps and bounds. Due to this, we have hired 2 more staff to come on board our team. It's important to keep you up to speed with what's happening here, since we are experiencing a rather large amount of change and growth recently.

Gustavo Pimentel Bittencourt has been hired as one of our new senior security analysts. Gustavo will be assisting our clients in providing very high level, web application assessments and infrastructure penetration testing. Gustavo was a scholarship holder of CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technologic Development) working as intern researcher at C.E.S.A.R. (Center for Studies of Advanced Systems of Recife), a well-known research and software development center in Brazil. Gustavo has presented at many international conferences and has also provided training worldwide at various international conferences. Since joining our team in April 2010, Gustavo has completed a number of high level assessments for our clients.

We're always looking for exceptional talent, if you feel you have what it takes please send us an email with your CV.

Telspace Systems will also be running Web Application Hacking 101, one of our most popular courses during July 2010. If you're interested in attending, please contact us.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HITB and more...

Telspace Systems had a successful visit to Hack in the Box 2010 (HITB) Dubai, despite the ash cloud putting a bit of damper on the number of attendees :) . The HITB guys didn’t let it get in the way of presentations, though, as they set it up so that the speakers’ could do talks remotely(and completely legally in terms of UAE specs). Very clever I must say!

Andries was great in his contribution to the Wireless and Bluetooth Hacking 101 training session and we received great feedback from our attendees about the course. In terms of the other talks at the actual conference, they were definitely of international standard and a great refresher at many of the critical issues which still seem to be very prominent in our industry.

Andries and I both agreed that Mr Shah’s talk on Web Application Hacking was the most interesting, as it is a space which we are very active in. Mauriano’s SAP vulnerabilities talk and his discussion around SAP’s testing framework (bizsploit) was also very informative. In terms of our talk, it was extremely well received by the audience and we have had very positive feedback. You can download our slides from here or from the hitb website directly.

We met up with a lot of old friends and the networking opportunities were great(watch this space in the future) – we look forward to seeing many of our peers at HITB Amsterdam(Hopefully) later this year.

Back on home-ground, last week (28th April 2010) we presented at the Information Security Group of Africa (ISGA) HITB feedback session. It was great to share some of our Dubai experiences with the local guys. You can download our feedback presentation at .

Coming up, we have the Security Summit to look forward to next week. Telspace Systems has a corporate sponsorship at the event, and we’ll be there to chat, mingle and network. Mr Shah will be there too, so you must all go and check his talk out. What he says is very relevant locally and internationally.

Have a great week everyone. Keep checking out our blog, more exciting news coming soon....