Thursday, February 26, 2015

Telspace appoints COO

The information security company is growing at a fast pace and building a pool of highly skilled, effective and sought-after security professionals

Telspace Systems has announced the appointment of Dimitri Fousekis as its chief operating officer, effective January 2015. 

The newly created position puts Fousekis in charge of the company’s operations. Telspace Systems has an operational presence in Johannesburg, London, Botswana, Dubai and Brazil and helps protect companies and organisations from cybercrime by making them as unattractive to cybercriminals as possible. This is done in a variety of ways including attack and penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and training.

Because of our strong growth over the last few years, we have expanded and require a fully functional board. Dimitri will be in charge of operations going forward,” says Telspace Systems CEO Dino Covotsos.

He adds that Fousekis has worked as Telspace System’s Head of Penetration testing for some time, proving himself to customers and to the company’s staff many times over as the ideal COO candidate to help lead Telspace going forward. 

Fousekis has also worked as an IT analyst and later, IT security specialist for Nedbank as well as enterprise security architect and penetration tester for MTN.

We have worked, and continue to work hard to ensure that Telspace Systems is a key player in the security space,” says Fousekis. “As the company’s COO I am excited about being a part of this and continue its journey and growth both within South Africa and the rest of the world.”

Fousekis adds that Telspace Systems as a company is establishing its foothold further and further as the Information Security company of choice for clients and as with any EXCO- related position, there are both learning-curves and challenges with regards to ensuring one delivers the required output to ensure the company is always running efficiently, maintaining its reputation and ensuring that staff are well looked-after. 

“All companies are like a machine that need to run efficiently and smoothly. As my position feeds directly into how that machine runs, there will no doubt be challenges to overcome. I am confident however that these challenges will become positive for both Telspace and myself,” he adds. 

Exciting developments in the coming year

Fousekis says there will be more company developments throughout the year. “Telspace Systems is giving back to our customers through invitation-only events, whereby we are presenting 0day research, as well as bringing international speakers to present to our clients at no cost.”

Telspace Systems is also still in a period of growth and hiring extensively, with plans to move offices towards the middle of the year due to expansion requirements.”
“I am building a resource pool of highly skilled, effective and sought-after security professionals and I certainly hope 2015 will be met with much success for Telspace, and of course a high level of output for our clients,” he concludes.