Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A new era for Telspace

As Telspace celebrates its 20th anniversary of being in business, I consider myself lucky to have been the Founder and CEO of such an incredible company. 

Being CEO and Founder, it’s always been a key goal of mine to give back to the community at large and more specifically the South African community. It’s not as easy to do so when you’re starting a business alone especially at 19 years old, with no experience (and no capital at all!), but we’ve always tried to do our part over the years. It’s been a pleasure to watch the South African community grow in the last 2 decades, seeing the difference between 2002 and 2022 is staggering for me. 

Throughout all the ups and downs of running a business over the last 2 decades, giving back to the community by growing it within South Africa has brought me the most joy. Watching people that started their careers with us knowing very little to now having exceptional jobs at large (or small) corporate firms, gives me a lot of happiness. The same goes for our internship programs and other free community initiatives we have run with for information security education over the years. 

With the above being said, it is also why we, as management, have decided to change the business and rebrand to Telspace Africa. Our rebranding and new leadership changes are in line with our new strategy to set the foundation for the next 20 years of Telspace Africa with a stronger and clearer focus on the African market.

It therefore gives me great pride to announce that Dr Manuel Corregedor will now be the Chief Executive Officer of Telspace Africa. Anyone that has met and knows Manuel well, will attest to what an incredible person he is. Particularly, a person of high integrity and character. In addition, he’s been a great friend to me, a mentor to countless students and staff, a phenomenal colleague, and his contributions to the information security sector in SA (and abroad) have been significant and are largely unmatched (except for a select few others in our country). I’m proud to not only know Manuel as a best friend, but also now have him as our CEO. Congratulations Manuel, you truly deserve it.

In line with our management change, Timothy Quintal has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Timothy (like Manuel) is an exceptionally strong leader, a strategic and critical thinker and has a strong focus on developing others. Timothy exudes positivity and has a strong focus on growing each individual at our company. Also, someone I’m proud to call a great friend.

We’ve also had other internal staff promotions in management positions internally, all with the best intentions for our staff and customers.

Lastly, my new role at Telspace Africa as Chairman, is overlooking and steering the company in the right direction and to serve on our board in the best possible way, encouraging growth not only for our company but again, in our community.

Thank you to all our customers and staff that have believed in us over the years, we look forward to serving you for the next 20 years and beyond.

-Dino Covotsos