Monday, May 16, 2016

Hacking Training from Two of the Industry's Best at the ITWeb Security Summit 2016

Every day Telspace Systems hears back from past graduates about how Ethical Hacking Training helps them do their job.

Hacking takes IT security from the passive—sitting duck—posture, and moves it to the dynamic—scout those bad boys and take them down—posture.

A cloud looms on the IT security horizon.

As the IoT moves to center stage, and tens of billions of devices go live, ethical hacking will become critical. Every piece of technology we attach to the Internet becomes an opportunity for criminals to attack.

Telspace Systems brings two of our top analysts to ITWeb to reveal the pitfalls of OFF THE SHELF devices.

Reino Mostert, Senior Security Analyst, Telspace Systems. Reino comes to Telspace Sytems from the telecommunications industry.
Robert Len, Senior Security Analyst, Telspace Systems. Robert has worked in both IT Data Security and Financial Payments, and brings a uniquely relevant understanding to this session.

Summit Conference Track 2 Presentation

Tuesday, May 17th, at 13:45: Off the Shelf, Track 2:


You walk into a local store and grab a new ADSL router to connect to the Internet. While you're there, you pick up a new NAS with encryption features. Everything should be secure, right? No.
From children's toys to corporate physical security systems, off-the-shelf devices have proven to have widely known vulnerabilities.

This presentation discusses in-depth off-the-shelf device vulnerabilities. We’ll touch on the politics within the security community, and demonstrate the problems of some of the commonly used South African devices.

·        How can you secure IoT and off-the-shelf devices?
·        What are the risks?
·        How much trust should you put in your storage device's encryption?
·        Can someone break into your ADSL/VDSL/LTE device? If so, how easy is it?

To get the answers to these questions and see some exciting demos, make sure you attend this talk!

Hands On Hacking Training

Thursday and Friday, May 19th 2016 and 20th 2016, ITWeb Security Summit 2016 concludes with two unique hands-on training courses. Each training will last two days.

1. Wireless Hacking 101

Security Analyst, Richard Hocking will present.  This course focuses on wireless infrastructure and systems, and equips the student to perform application assessments against wireless devices. Details can be found here:

2. Ethical Hacking 101

Senior Security Analyst, Reino Mostert will present. This course will introduce students into the heart of networks and systems and show them the offensive side of information security. Details can be found here: ]

We look forward to seeing you at ITWeb. Stop by and see us at the Telspace Systems exhibit, Booth 1, on the Expo Floor during the first 2 days.

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