Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reino Mostert to speak at ITWeb Security Summit 2015

One of our senior security analysts will offer some insight on the process complexity that eventually leads many corporates to IT security failings.

Many a time companies put in place strong precautions to protect their data and clients from cybercriminals, yet breaches, data theft and the spread of malware continue to happen at a fast pace, with some of the cyber-attacks having such far-reaching consequences that they make it into the news headlines.

Telspace Systems senior security analyst Reino Mostert has some insight on the process complexity that usually leads to IT security failings, and he plans to share some of it in his talk at the ITWeb Security Summit 2015. The summit will take place on 26-28 of May at Vodacom World in Midrand, Gauteng.

Entitled “Hacked: Why We All Fail At Information Security,” Mostert’s presentation will expose the most common flaws in the practice of information security in large corporates and enterprises.  

“IT Security is a complex field, with a variety of challenges. One of the main reasons corporations fail at security is the inability to fully grasp this complexity and address it appropriately.  IT Security should be process driven to effectively mitigate the threats faced by organizations,” Mostert says.

The second reason corporations fail at IT security is that they tend to compartmentalize the responsibilities of IT Security to the IT Security department, while it should be diversified across the organization, he adds.

Mostert’s presentation will cover business and technical aspects of IT security, with a special focus on the process complexity that eventually leads to security failings and topics that include procurement, architecture design, change control, ticketing workflow and vulnerability management.

Mostert, whose job at Telspace Systems focuses on the penetration testing of enterprise networks and assessment of critical web applications, will also provide real-life examples of security failings, the technical issues involved, fixing these issues and how this relates back to business processes.

“The Summit always allows one to catch up with one’s peers in the industry and to exchange war stories and experience in the corridors before gaining wisdom from industry leaders at their presentations,” he says.

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