Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August tops attack list

The number of hacks, breaches and threats worldwide last month was record-breaking - and a clear indication that businesses are still not doing enough to safeguard themselves against cybercriminals.

itgovernance.co.uk published a list of attacks on their website and claimed August’s list of cyberattacks to be the most lengthy it has seen in a long time.

According to Dimitri Fousekis, Security Analyst and Team Lead at Telspace Systems, “We at Telspace are not surprised at the surge of cyberattacks in August. Cybercrime is increasing exponentially, and even though a large majority of the attacks culminated overseas, South Africa is far from immune.”

Fousekis says the escalating number of cyberthreats will only start to decrease once there is enough awareness. “Sure, people know what cybercrime is, and have read about the devastating effects it may have on a company. But it is only after business decision-makers understand how cybercrime can cripple the very foundation of their own operations, and realise that security is a business enabler, will they start to see the urgency of having a strong security framework in place.” 

According to the website, some of the more prominent cyberattacks for August, included:

Data Breaches:

Payment Information:

Social Media:



From the above list it is evident that cybercrime is a reality and only set to increase - if businesses let it. It is the responsibility of every organisation to ensure that they are well protected from threats and cybercriminal activity. Practicing ignorance and maintaining a “it won’t happen to me” attitude is no longer acceptable in today’s ever-increasing threat landscape. 

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