Sunday, May 8, 2011

Telspace Systems' new recruitment division addresses IT security skills scarcity

Telspace Systems, a leading IT security solutions provider for both local and international markets, is expanding its services to include a security-focused skills recruitment division.

The company has identified a growing shortage of specialised and highly-skilled individuals in the market, which is having a negative effect on local companies' level of security.

Says Dino Covotsos, CEO of Telspace Systems: “The apparent lack of available security skills is becoming a growing concern for businesses. As cyber threats increase in sophistication, so should the systems that protect companies against them. We are seeing more and more that there are simply not enough highly-skilled individuals to ensure that these critical systems offer adequate protection.”

Telspace Systems' new division aims to provide companies with candidates that can effectively address business security concerns based on skill level, experience and knowledge. “Limited skills often mean limited protection, and businesses need to understand the risks they face if they do not implement adequate protection,” says Covotsos.

Telspace Systems will be at the ITWeb Security Summit 2011 on 10-11 May at the Sandton Convention Centre, where it will highlight its new division to delegates. Visitors will have a chance to interact with the team and learn more about the types of skills, the industry needs and what is currently available.

This turnkey operation is the first of its kind, and given the company's industry knowledge, research and experience, it will be able to provide top talent and opportunities to many organisations and skilled security candidates respectively.
“We are very excited about our new service offering and that we are able to bolster the level and quality of security for companies,” Covotsos concludes.

Going forward, the company has plans to expand its IT security recruitment service internationally, and depending on market indications, begin offering other much-needed specialised IT skills as well.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact Telspace Systems' Recruitment Director Shaun Levy at (011) 875 4319 or email shaun[at]

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