Wednesday, September 8, 2010

IIR Conference 2010

Telspace Systems have been invited to present their 'Next Generation Botnets' talk at The Institute for International Research's (IIR) IT Risk Management Conference on 10th October 2010 at the IIR Conference Center in Rosebank, South Africa.

IIR’s IT Risk Management Conference will explore the challenges and current risks facing the IT Professional in the South African market and provide up-to-date techniques and experiences in assessing and averting risk. The expert speakers featured at this event come from a variety of sectors and are industry leaders in their respective fields, providing you with specialist and practical advice.”

Some of the other presentations that we are looking forward to includes:

· Cloud Computing and its impact on IT Risk Management.

· An investigation into the use of social networking sites by employees and the effects on your IT Security.

· How to secure your organisation in the event of disaster.

· The security and risk implications of importing software.

· Implementing an IT Risk Management policy to safe guard against internal risks.

Telspace Systems is also pleased to announce the launch of their new & updated website

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