Friday, November 21, 2008

‘Tis the season of folly

December holidays are approaching, and we all know what that means… increased hacker activity as our precious youths get bored and turn to mayhem and destruction.

And to make matters worse, this time of year is always characterised by a manic rush for last-minute Christmas shopping – a lot of which is done online.

Also, with many people being on leave, companies might not have IT staff available to monitor and pick up attack behaviour.

This makes a killer combination for cybercrime instances – and we can expect to see a lot of people being duped, a lot of wesbites being defaced, and a many different malware popping up.

This year’s ‘Black Monday’ for malware is predicted for next week (November 24) – a day that is expected to be the worst of the year for computer attacks.

According to Adam Biviano, spokesman for Trend Micro, he expects to see a large increase in hackers using holiday-related tools such as electronic greeting cards as a front for attacks.

"It's typical for the orchestrators of malware attacks to make use of public holidays, make use of special occasions, because it gives them an angle from which to attract people to click on their link [or] download their attachment," he says.

Carlo Minassian, chief executive of Earthwave, says, “"It should be expected spamming and phishing will increase in the immediate future as we approach the upcoming Christmas period. Trends from past years indicate spamming and phishing spikes around this time."

So have a good weekends, guys – Monday’s set to be a scorcher ;)

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