Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crime and punishment

Things have pretty quiet locally, it seems – on the news front at least. A few bits of good news from overseas, though.

The UK has issued an update to its Computer Misuse Act. First off, the maximum penalty for unauthorised access to a computer system has been changed from six months to two years imprisonment. Here’s to hoping that will deter would-be criminals even further.

Also, denial of service attacks (DoS) have been declared a criminal offence – with miscreants looking at up to ten years in prison – so you better off gaining unlawful access ;-P.

Finally, distributing hacking tools for criminal intent has been declared a punishable offense. I am quite surprised it wasn’t already!

On that note, the US has just passed a bill that significantly increases the penalties relating to copyright infringement, although there has been major debate about it already.

Gartner says

A recent presentation from a Gartner executive brought up the issue about mobile security. Although his statements are nothing new, John Girard, a Gartner vice president is again reminding organisations that security risks are rising as smartphones become even smarter.

He did have some very good advice, though, “Data on devices should be encrypted, proper identity and access controls should be implemented and intrusion prevention systems should used to ensure that rogue devices don't access sensitive information,” he said.

He also told delegates at the IT Security Summit in London yesterday that Gartner is predicting that wireless ID theft and phishing attempts targeting mobile devices will become more and more prevalent throughout next year.

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