Monday, June 2, 2008

Adobe Flash Attacks and more..

A security hole has recently been discovered in Macromedia Shockwave Flash allowing attackers to compromise machines that haven't applied the relevant patches. A large number of sites(even local sites) have been compromised, and are still hosting the malicious content, this is affecting end users.

Please download the patch or the updated package and install from here:

It is critical that you apply this patch as soon as possible to avoid your machine being compromised.

More about this can be read on:

In other news, it seems like and were hit by instances of injection(No links added for obvious reasons). This was confirmed by several clients emailing us about it. The websites should still be visible on Google for confirmation.

The source code of and both included: - as of morning of 2nd June 2008.

You can read up more about it at:

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